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Yes, I'm back from hiatus. Gonna try to get in the chat or something sometime this week. But, yeah, active.

8D ))


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Dark Man #2
Dark Man (ダークマン, Dākuman?) is the name of four robots created by Dr. Wily in Mega Man 5. Dark Man #2 is a silver Dark Man that can create electromagnetic barriers around him. He is the only Dark Man without an arm cannon.

#2 is very social, almost to a level of annoyance. He is always looking for someone to chat with, and talks up quite a storm when he does. Most of his "friends" tend to avoid him for this reason. That, and wants your braaaiiinnnssssss.


Relations... thing.

We're a family~!
(( reserved for other 5th-gen Masters ))

Awesome dudes... and dudettes.
:icongoing-commando-man: :icondivided--by-zero: :iconjay-walkin: :iconelecmanusedthunder:

You're okay, I suppose.
:icondlwn-22: :icondarkninjashadowman:

Stay away, please.
:iconjethawkjupiter: :iconburstman-danger:

GTFO, stalker.
(( RP account for MegaMan-Roleplay ))
((Played by dfranks ))


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SWN-001-Bassforte Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
*Holds up his Buster as he approaches* So you're still alive eh junk bot? well that won't last for long...
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LiquidMetalIAm Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
"I want that CD." Mercury hisses, slithering around in a semi-liquid form.
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Burstman-Danger Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
"So you're Darkman... I just have one question for you... Are you male or female? I just can't tell maybe it's the hair..." Burstman says to him in a taunting manner.
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The-Heroic-X Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
( Hi! xD I was told that you couldn't talk in the chat. That's fixed now :3 )
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ShadowDragon030 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
*Claims seconds with main account. And is just asking for a scolding soon.*
MegaMan-Roleplay Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010

And here is your avatar~~ [link]
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